Data & Research

We see it as our duty to improve the living conditions in rural communities in Tanzania. In order to develop a solid knowledge about the current situation in our country our team is making evaluations with our patients while we go to remote areas. In this way we are collecting data for further studies and analytics of different regions and its inhabitants. This data helps us to identify diseases and specific issues that different communities are facing.

Our research will contain important information for further long term studies and for better treatments of our patients. The results are published regularly on our website & our annual reports for detailed information. This profound knowledge will contribute to the whole society as well as for the government of Tanzania, private and public hospitals by sharing the results of our evaluations and studies. Our evaluations include our patients, students, teachers, parents and chairpersons from the villages that we are visiting.

◆ Basic Hygiene
◆ Female Health & Hygiene
◆ Malaria
◆ Tuberculosis
◆ Diabetes
◆ Leprosy
◆ First Aid

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