Travelling Doctors Tanzania by Claudio Verbano

Travelling Doctors Tanzania by Claudio Verbano


Our presence in rural communities and our activities have created a lot of attention and awareness that even until now many people do not have access to health facilities. We have been recognised inside of Tanzania and outside to contribute to our aims. Our team is growing to extend our activities by collaborating with more schools and small hospitals all over the country. Our activities have been recognized on Social Media Platforms and TV.


As we are working constantly on collecting data by making research while we are running our services. Therefore we created specified evaluation forms that help us to get feedback from our team, but also from patients to ask them about their health. We also created evaluation forms for our workshop participants such as students and teachers. In that way are able to produce monthly and annual reports to present our results.


We are using 4 main resources to cover our costs and to run our activities:

1. Cooperation Partners that are contributing donations for our purposes
2. We are applying constantly for grants
3. Our team of doctors is contributing financially for our costs
4. We charge small amounts for our workshops to reduce our costs

Every action starts with the first step
— Native Africa Tanzania