Partnerships with local schools

In order to help children without parents or in difficult financial situations to pay for their education we started a cooperation with a local school called Mserika Primary School nearby Moshi in 2019 to support them to become independant through education and by providing food for the 410 students. The governmental school was founded 2002 on the outskirts of Moshi and has 8 teachers. The 410 children are aged between 5 years to 13 years old and sometimes even have to walk 2 hours to arrive the much needed school to receive education.

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How to start a partnership?

When the children arrive the school we help them to start a new life by giving them a clean and safe place to stay where they get healthy food and access to education. However, to provide those services for all children we seek financial support. By donating 16 USD per month (200 USD per year) you can start a partnership for a child at our cooperation school to support it with essential nutrition and educational supply.

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essential Support

One part of the donations is to buy and prepare healthy food, clean water and hygenical products such as soap, toothbrushes and fresh towals for each child.

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Educational support

The other part of the donation is to provide a school uniform and school equipment such as books, pencils and a school bag in order to study well and participate in all activities.

Please chose how you would like to support our school: