The Travelling Doctors Project:

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The idea started in 2017 as one of four main projects of Native Africa Tanzania by founder Marycelina Msuya. She has been working as a nurse lecturer at the KCMC hospital in Moshi at Kilimanjaro for more than 30 years. Many of her students and even herself, come from rural areas. So she had the idea to create a team of volunteer doctors and nurses to go to the small village to treat the people in need. As those people often do not have any money for medicine or transport, they never see a doctor or visit a hospital. Marycelina Msuya found some doctors and nurses in Moshi and used her long time connections to plan the Travelling Doctors Project in 2018. They are now working on a monthly basis to provide health service in remote areas of Tanzania and especially treat young children as prevention of deseases. Therefore they established a cooperation with a local school close to Moshi.

Preparing the medicine

Before every activity we chose the medicine and equipment that we will need for the expected days of travelling. Every region requires different material and sometimes even sleeping in tents or bringing our own food.

Travelling to our patients

Arriving in small villages in rural areas can be very challenging. Therefore we try to communicate with local people before we arrive to be best prepared and lose time. 


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local treatment

Usually we communicate with local communities before we arrive. In that way we can be sure that many people will be informed we will be in their area to treat patients in rural areas. As we bring all equipments and material, logistics is most important.


our team in action

Even though we cannot provide medical services everyday we are trying to operate as much as we can. By donating items, money or by having a partnership with Native Africa Tanzania you will help us to work more often and provide more services for people in need.

Every donation counts:

You can help our team to donate medicine and medical equipment, or by becoming a partner of our organization: